Building Our Mission

Thrilled to say Nomad Builder:  On Assignment is a new TV/Streaming show we have in development with creator/producer/host and contractor Nick Jardine. Nick is a popular on-camera contractor with experience all over the world. We thought why not incorporate these talents and help communities in need? Please tune in to our production meetings by clicking here, as we build our online web community. Soon we'll release our show website where you will be able to track the progress of our show and the community capacity missions we will travel to serve. We will travel safely and more productively with your messages and posts of support. For more info on Nick, please read all about him and watch his on camera home improvement tips here.  And may we also ask for about a minute of your time to complete a superquick five-question survey? This would really benefit our research in a huge way. You may submit your answers by clicking here. And please share. Looking forward to having all of you watch our broadcast this time next year!