February and March My Most Popular Months!

I always joke that my most popular months are Black History Month and Women's History Month. As a Black activist and feminist I'm thrilled that this has been the case for over a decade during the months of February and March and I hope it will continue to be for decades to come. Black history month this year ends with the Tucson, Arizona premiere of Little Brother:  Manchild in the Promised Land (Chapter 5), returning to my alma mater University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) at the start of Women's History Month to be the keynote speaker for the Grace Holt Legacy Luncheon and wrapping out the week as the keynote speaker at Fairleigh Dickinson University's One-Day Film Conference. I'm a filmmaker-in-residence at FDU this summer with my microbudget feature TITLE VII and I couldn't be more thrilled to work with the student crew. This opportunity was offered to me by FDU's extremely supportive film chair Professor Howard Libov. It'll be a busy week ahead but totally worth it. If you're in the vicinity, please give a "Hello"! And please share the good news.