We did it! We filmed a feature in eight days! TITLE VII is in the can and off to editor Veronique Doumbe with our blessings. Whew! That was a doozey!  We had a beautiful set courtesy of Fairleigh Dickinson University/Florham Campus and their talented student crew who kept up with a grueling schedule. Hats off to all departments.  Incredible work by DP CYbel Martin and our producing team who kept us rolling!  The actors--what can I say?  I'm in awe of them and will be forever grateful to the talent that lifted this script to levels beyond belief.  SO many people to thank. The witty and critical writing of Craig T. Williams and author Daisy M. Jenkins who originally got us here--I will be forever indebted to them as well.  Here's your first look, Everyone.  Official trailer and more #FilmAFeatureIn8Days news to come.  And please share and continue to support us by joining our street team by clicking here.

TITLE VII First Look.