Hands Up for Gideon's Army

I'm honored to have another article of mine published in ByBlacks.com.  This Canadian magazine focused on the Black community has kept a close eye on what has captivated the world as of late:  Our U.S. justice system.  I have been quite distressed this past week as I am from St. Louis.  I grew up there.  It's my hometown. Ferguson was right up the highway from me. The fact that racial strife is being played out from the Heartland for the world to see just says to me that our dirty little secret is finally out.  At the time I am writing this, it has now been more than a week since an unarmed Black teen was gunned down on the street by a white police officer. Again. When are the scales of justice ever going to balance?  My interview with filmmaker and former litigator Dawn Porter on her exceptionally engaging and raw film, Gideon's Army, was already in the works when Michael Brown was shot. If this young man, who is no longer with us, would have been given the opportunity to have his day in court, he may have had the good fortune to be represented by one of the talented public defenders we talk about here.  Please visit our Black Dox article in ByBlacks.com at this link. And let's keep our Hands Up for the children.