International Men's Day is Upon Us

As I write this we are on Day 3--Mental Health Day--of International Men's Day and #19DaysofHealing. How do we incorporate the health and well-being of men in our daily lives?

As a woman who films and speaks in public spaces on When Young Black Men Learn About Love, I especially take an interest in the emotional stability, mental capacity and relationship possibilities of men.

I am thrilled to participate in the international observation of #IntlMensDay this year with two #EConvo events.

1) An EPIPHANY Conversation: Male Feminists meet Sacred Bombshell Abiola Abrams. Please RSVP here:

2) An EPIPHANY Conversation: Real Talk with The Good Guys with Dr. Rhonda Perry. Please RSVP here:

And, as always, our films on young Black Men and their thoughts on Love are available at Please purchase this educational series for your classroom, organization, NGO or house of worship.

We're having a conversation during these #19DaysOfHealing on Facebook as well, here:

Let's talk to our men. Today.