It Takes a Medium

I'm having a great time on @Medium. Are you on it? It's a great place for storytellers. And since I am writing a screenplay at the moment, as part-procrastination/part-education, I'm sharing my story behind the telling of the story on @Medium. Really, it's not so complicated. It's actually quite fun. And yes, you heard that correctly. I'm writing a screenplay--my third adaption. I kind of dig those. When I can base the story on previous material--this being the first time as solely fictional characters in a novel vs. real people in a documentary I've had the luxury of filming--the structure is there as well as the enticing characters (hopefully) that drew you to the story in the first place. At least that's what I hope. It'll all unfold on @Medium. Will you follow me?  Click here. And let me know if you're on as well so I can follow back!