It's an Art

When planning for my microbudget feature film this summer, my DP Cybel Martin said first and foremost "we need a strong art department." Due to this being a microbudget (under $100k in my book), we only have my imagination (whatever's there) and the students at Fairleigh Dickinson University who know intimately what treasures are hidden away in those set design storage rooms.  Was I doomed?  After a meeting last week with my student crew, an eager Sarah Blanton raised her hand and offered that if the crew of the Art Department hadn't been filled, she would love to have the position. A quick unanimous nod across the room of her classmates confirmed, she's our lead designer!  We then went for a location scout/tour (my second) with the director of the film program, Sarah, gaffer Mariam Bakashvili and one of our two AD's, Adrieliz Lopez, to make more set selections. Sarah's commentary and suggestions of dressing the various spaces put me right at ease.  She's also had experience off-campus as well and is quite passionate about studying every detail of the script's character.  I think we're in good hands. I can breathe now and get back to telling the story. Please visit some of our location photos on my Pinterest page here. More about my cast in my next post! Click here and enjoy some of the locations serving as our canvas!

By the way, we're still requesting tax-deductible donations toward our film. Currently donations are being accepted through An EPIPHANY Conversation, our fiscally sponsored education division that supports community dialogues about the film and digital media we produce through EPIPHANY Inc. This journey I am taking with the FDU students through the filming of this script, TITLE VII, is the perfect example. Want to join us with a $15 tax-deductible donation for unlimited streaming of the film, a credit and a social media shoutout? Please click here. Thanks so much!