Join our Ambassador Program with kweliTV!

Thank you so much for your valuable support of EPIPHANY Inc.  Because of our work and finding like-minded media companies who share in our mission, we have recently been contracted as the consulting company with the new streaming interactive video platform and app, kweliTV. In this role I will be serving as the new news director for kweliTV. I look forward to telling all of you more about my position in this exciting startup very soon.  It is a startup, so we will need your excitement to help move us forward.

So here's something fun. Our #kweliTV Ambassador Program is available in most regions throughout the world.

As an Ambassador, you will receive:
--Free kweliTV subscription throughout the ambassadorship (1 year).  
--Free #ShareYourStory kweliTV T-Shirt
--Opportunity to participate as a guest interviewer on kweliTV’s “Meet the Filmmaker” Q&A series. 
--Quarterly All-Hands meeting with the kweliTV team.
--Bonus: Ambassadors who are able to recruit 10 new kweliTV members (subscribers) within 1 year will receive a special offer at the end of their ambassadorship. 

Please visit this link for more details.