kweliTV Streams Little Brother Film

Thrilled to premiere the films of EPIPHANY Inc. on the new kweliTV. Today, Little Brother chapters 1 through 5 were launched on this new streaming platform that is currently being heralded as "the Black Netflix."  Kweli means "truth" in Swahili and CEO DeShuna Spencer has created a new streaming service with the African American filmmaker at the forefront of quality content.  Spencer tells me “we’re looking to go beyond a library of content, but to be an experience for our community where we can say ‘I’m getting something out of this’.” And yes, down the road, she is planning on producing original content as well. KweliTV, Inc., is an interactive, streaming TV network dedicated to the stories, issues and culture of the global Black community. Offerings include indie films, web shows, documentaries, and news programming exclusively for the entire African diaspora.  Currently in BETA stage, kweliTV is set to launch in December with tens of thousands of subscribers already taking advantage of the free 30-day trial. There is no charge to browse.  Join us today at for this very important launch! Stream one of our 15-minute Little Brother documentaries and leave us a review!