Microbudget here we come

Our microbudget film set to shoot next June is quickly moving from development to pre-production stage.  I met many members of our crew at Fairleigh Dickinson University in Morristown, NJ tonight.  These students will be joining me as part of their thesis course. They're looking to learn from me and my core team.  I know after meeting them tonight that we'll learn so much from them as well. Even more, I think we'll learn a lot about ourselves. Microbudgets (ours is hovering around $75,000) are designed to be semi-stressful vehicles. But I'm confident this crew, under the guise of Professor Howard Libov, are up for any challenge. These young technicians, art department, makeup and producer/AD teams seem terrific-ly excited and up for the challenge.  I'm documenting our progress--starting with the adaptation of the screenplay-- with our behind-the-scenes story @Medium.  Let's roll!