New Year, New Show!

It's been a busy year of filming, editing--and now writing.  In fact, I've teamed up with talented creator Leesa Dean (ChilltownTV) for a new concept that we hope will be the place to be on Twitter! Making its debut on Monday, January 2, 2017 is #BlerdDating a new Twitter stories/chat-mashup--52 confessions (Yep, I'm confessing!) on dates from hell that can only happen to us #Blerds
Join us with celebrity guests on Mondays on Twitter at 9pmEST with the hashtag #BlerdDating (follow me as well @Nicoleedits on Twitter if you think you'll be lost). At 10pmEST, head back over to Facebook for our #BlerdDating Afterparty with host Lisa Durden for a live online chat fest that gets deeper, darker and wilder. (Like we said--it's the Afterparty!)
One of my favorite parts about #BlerdDating is because the #Blerds on Twitter will probably help us get super popular, why keep all of that attention to ourselves? At certain times during the year, we'll spotlight some hard-working nonprofits for the entire month. We have merch! Purchase our t-shirts that month and 20% of the profits goes right to that featured charity. It's a month of love--because when our dates go low, we go high! :) Hang out with us! More info: 
We're thrilled to have a show where we can talk good times, relationship issues and outrageously bad dates. Yeah...we all went through them for some reason, right? Here we go!