Nicole's Diary - Page 14

Sundays are my Fridays and this was the end to SUCH an up and down week. The downs: two--well, let's say a few--setbacks on projects in the area of funding.  This is a perpetual struggle that yes, makes indie producers like me more creative but frustrated when put through the ringer for sure. The ups:  witnessing the work of the talented, talented individuals who keep me going.   It started with the screening of a Maya Angelou project Reflections of a Blessed Soul, which will be coming to market soon--that's if the audience present has anything to say about it. To hear such beautiful wisdom, such as "I am a human being, nothing human can be alien to me" was gold. The filmmakers received a standing ovation after the credits rolled. And it was such a simple concept. Just the way I like it: a camera, and a beautiful voice dropping pearls. Maya was with us that evening. I felt they should rename the piece The Visit. With that experience, the next night attending the debut of a live storyteller series from my colleagues at The Good Men Project (great job guys and gals--I may join you up there on stage one day--eeek!), the night after that, a strong come-to-Jesus meeting of my team that is taking one of our EPIPHANY Inc. projects into brand new territory with a vengeance, reflecting on two very important young men in my life who graduated with honors (Northwestern, here we come!) and capping off the weekend with live comedy and music from the uninhibited team from American Candy, I can face another week of putting myself out there.  Why not? I'm only human and denying my passions…not an option.