Nicole's Diary - Page 6

Today was one of those days when I was glad for the recently declared school of thought that 60 is the new middle age. My age, 45, used to be the guidepost.  We're now "Women of a Certain Age" which is much more appealing.  Ten years ago, two close friends were then in their mid-40s and when walking down the street with me one day noted that men don't look at them any more. "You they do," they told me. "But once you reach a certain age,'s over." Yes, I've kept that in mind in time for my current situation.  But today was different. The nice, cute, young (too young for me, but sweet to be so considerate) cashier at my market gave me a very nice compliment on the way I lifted the bag of groceries he'd just packed for me. What does it do when you remind a woman she's feminine and worthy of your attention when she's of a certain age? Totally makes her day.