Not So Personal Film Journal

One of the highlights of deciding last year to write and direct a microbudget feature (my first narrative feature film), option a novel, write the adaptation, meet with the crew, turn in drafts to the cast and crew and hop into pre-production this month has been doing all of that in a public forum.  I started a very open journal on Medium @Nicoleedits to hold me accountable for this endeavor I've called TITLE VII.  And, I invite other creatives, students and veterans of the craft to comment, critique or just give a thumbs up whenever possible.  One detail filmmakers are never told is that during the development stage you are never more alone. Sure you have a crew of at least 35 people (usually) waiting on your vision, your explanation and blueprint of your vision, your direction of their role in your vision and the release of your vision to a world saturated with what seems to be a new release every minute.  Trust me, it crosses our minds at times that when putting yourself out there you could either sink or swim or--how I usually envision it--suck or soar. But through my posts to all of you, I can admit the journal keeps me focused, responsible, and always pushing to improve upon my best. You're never alone when that is the goal. Join me on Medium by clicking here.  I'll be adding to this blog log quite frequently as we count down the months to an exciting June production.

And if you want to assist in our $30,000 bill to feed and house the crew, provide liability and loss of footage insurance for the production, dress set locations and underwrite rehearsal time to prep what we hope to be an exceptional character-driven story, please visit our fiscally sponsored donation page, An EPIPHANY Conversation.  The root of An EPIPHANY Conversation is employing EPIPHANY Inc. films and digital media as teaching tools. Your minimum $15 tax-deductible donation is most welcome. In return, you'll receive unlimited streaming of the film, a credit in the film (if donations are received by the editing deadline) and a social media shoutout.  Please click on and share our link here.  Thank you so much for your incredible support!