Plenty of Conversation on Monday Nights

I've been thrilled to produce and host our weekly Monday night Google Hangouts known as An EPIPHANY Conversation.  We began them last month, and have enjoyed the benefits of an international conversation that airs live on YouTube.  Our webcasts continue to be discovered by audiences viewing the Replay.  From these views, we are now known for our ability to offer an inside view to some of the world's most captivating topics and the interesting personalities behind them.  Tonight we are pleased to present author Joyce King who shares meeting the love of her life after serving on the team that helped free him from 27 years of wrongful imprisonment. Criminal defense attorneys Ken Foote from Florida and Judith Bourne from the U.S. Virgin Islands will enlighten us on conditions on and off shore today that set the scene for much more exonerations to come.  Future Monday evenings will cover the topics of single motherhood, sexual slavery, fatherhood in the age of My Brother's Keeper and a follow up to our conversation on the Ukraine with the #WomenofMaidanWatch.  We are #EConvo on all social media.  Join us here at An EPIPHANY Conversation. See you online!