Support Little Brother in Five Steps

Support Little Brother in Five Steps!

 Little Brother, the 10-chapter documentary series by producers Nicole Franklin and Jai Tiggett, is premiering its latest chapter, Chapter 5. Celebrate our midpoint milestone with us and share the voices of young Black men in Five Steps!

Step 1: Watch us on FUBU TV. Not heard of FUBU TV? This new VOD network is being launched to 55 million households. The pilot programming includes the first four chapters of Little Brother.  No TV? No problem. Watch us here.

Step 2: Read our guide while you screen. Our Pay-what-you-wish curriculum guide is now available as a download from our website. Share our social media campaign promoting this 67-page handbook by clicking here.

Step 3: Our young men from our first chapter are ready for college! We’re collecting your small change as A Graduation Gift to Little Brother. Please share coins and dollars by clicking here

Step 4: Little Brother:  Manchild in the Promised Land (Chapter 5), filmed in Tucson, AZ has its festival premiere Saturday afternoon on May 2 at the Women of African Descent Film Festival (WADFF) in Brooklyn, NY. Will you be in NYC? Please attend and share our link here.

Step 5:  Does your local school, library or house of worship know about us? Please inquire, and, if they’re interested, email us at We will have our distributor, Third World Newsreel, send DVDs!

Thank you for your generous support in Five Simple Steps. Just in time for May.  Stay in touch! Happy Spring!


Little Brother:  The Fire Next Time (Chapter 4)

Little Brother:  The Fire Next Time (Chapter 4)