PEC has Launched!

For fans of media done right a direct link to action is finally here. Figuring it out took a minute and my full concentration a minute more, but I am so convinced we are now at a point as media creators and consumers where we can work together to put quality product and messaging in the digital space. I formed a producing club! And I would love for you to join us!

For everyone reading this post, please visit a page I set up at Patreon.  By clicking on and donating as little as $1/month, you have instantly joined the Producing EPIPHANY Club (PEC).  You, the PEC membership, now have a direct payment plan toward expanding the storytelling in the current landscape.

EPIPHANY Inc. is now in its 15th year of production. We have gained numerous—and extremely loyal—community of supporters along the way. And we listen to our community and it is only because of the community that we are able to distribute our educational and commercial films to a wider audience. Thankfully distribution has not been too much of a problem for us. But funding has its challenges. So, we decided to start working on our business model a bit more. And it’s simple. With the current technology, we are able to keep budgets and number of crew to a minimum. What else is a nice minimum? Being able to have our community fund not just one, but a few projects at a minimum of $1 per month.  PEC members now have an affordable option to support films they know will educate, entertain and succeed. And we will be able to continue quality filmed storytelling at the forefront because of our PEC community.

I have to applaud Patreon for providing this platform.  And it is working for thousands of creators out there. Why not us?

Join us at  For a minimum of$1/month you instantly become a member of the Producing EPIPHANY Club (PEC). Signup is easy. Increasing, decreasing or discontinuing payments is just as easy.  Re-registering is a breeze as well! Your PEC dollars are a wellspring for our ventures:  financing the modestly budgeted, but top quality short documentaries and feature films (yes, dramatic features—we have scripts!) currently in development, community service, and employing cast and crew! 

For $1 and $5/month pledges, PEC members enjoy the following:

Opportunities for Casting within EPIPHANY Inc. productions
Participation in Polls/Surveys that EPIPHANY Inc. conducts
Invites to screenings and premieres of EPIPHANY Inc. films

Funding Graduation Gifts for the stars of our long-term documentary series Little Brother

Downloadable Scripts and Notes for EPIPHANY Inc. insight
Consultation with EPIPHANY Inc. President Nicole Franklin about any aspect of the business
Opportunities to be an ambassadors for EPIPHANY Inc. Film and media across the globe
Participation in Giveaways
PEC Member -requested Talk-Backs and Q&A with EPIPHANY Inc. Cast and Crew
PEC Member spotlights for promotion and thank you’s benefitting your ventures as well!      

We are the Club that WILL have to you as a member, but still be the cool Club to join. And, if we’re not, we are confident you will definitely let us know.  Membership is easy. Just click here.  Thanks!!