The Return of EConvo

After a one-year hiatus (feeling like an HBO original series) our #EConvo online social media conference events are returning. Thanks to #EConvo community member Dr. Vibe, we are true believers in the new online platform Blab. Have you tried it? If not, please check it out here. So far I've been a guest on a couple including one that served as a lead-in to the first Democratic Presidential Election Debate as part of the #CompassionConvos with Marie Roker-Jones. After a few trial runs we're now ready to host our own, bringing #EConvo back on a monthly basis. We talk global issues with the interesting people behind the stories. This Friday at 5pm please join our chat with career counselor Carol Ruiz. Are you beginning your career? Are you mid-career and interested in something new?  Let's talk #Internship to #Mentorship.  Ruiz is terrific and you'll soon see why. Subscribe here: