Top 5 Reasons Why I'm TSUing

Three weeks ago I joined a relatively new social media platform called TSU. With my four websites to manage, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram trust me, I did not need another place to leave my social media imprint. My good friend told me she was invited to use it “and when you’re on it, it pays.”  I investigated further—especially after hearing a second source proclaim, “I’m on TSU. Have you heard of it?”  Oh yeah.

While on TSU for this short amount of time I’ve seen my bank earnings grow and met some really cool fellow information hounds (like me!) from around the globe.  My first impression of the platform was a good one, boosted by the fact that I came on during a charity tournament to raise funds through penny donations to some of the many verified nonprofits on the platform as well.  Earning, donating and sharing? This is me.

I tiptoed around a few friends who I knew were risk takers and asked them to join me on this journey (that’s called your Family Tree when those you refer come in on your invitation). Building  your network is essential in raising your income. And from where does this income appear?  Ads, of course. We are seeing ads in our social media lives everywhere else and we do not get partake in the profits. TSU launched with a different game plan. Ninety percent of its ad revenues go to the users, and only 10% stays with TSU. Another good friend who is a social media strategist asked me, “What do you love most about it?”

I named three things, but now that I think about it there’s more:

1) Charity. There seems to be a large community willing to host charitable drives, encouraging TSU users to spread the wealth to those in need. A penny can always be spared. We actually may change lives.

2) Community. So far decent people are following me and maybe that’s a result of the invitation-only platform. 

3) The potential for making money is quite seductive, yes. Once on the platform it’s pretty easy to see how celebrities with 500,000 or more followers are raking in significant earnings in their their sleep.  I'm averaging $.06 per day at the moment. I hear $1 - $5 per day is where most active users tend to hover. Push us forward, we may be unstoppable.

4) Finding genuine connections. I know everything on the Internet isn’t real, but I’ve already had some pretty valuable conversations with people with similar interests, and I’ve connected to global communities who are charitable at the core. Not a bad crew to call your own.

5) Gratitude. Checking in always makes me happy. Is it the lure of money? Maybe. It was easy to figure out the ads are targeted to my tastes.  And I’ve clicked through to do some window shopping. And who doesn’t love window shopping?

Posting to Facebook and Twitter can be done simultaneously through TSU, made easy by the click of a button. Friends on these platforms won’t miss you. They will be missing the opportunity, though.  And that is never easy to witness. 

My invitation to you is here at this link: That’s .co without the “m.” I’ll do my best to keep inviting you to our TSU party. But, I have never been a fan of begging. I may keep my dignity with light courting.