We're on TV: FUBU TV

I've always admired the four guys from Queens story of Daymond John, J. Alexander Martin, Keith Perrin and Carlton Brown starting an iconic clothing line of "For Us By Us" fashion with keen entrepreneurship and focus. Their longevity for more than 20 years has proven this team holds the key to success and J. Alexander Martin, is once again on the cutting edge by bringing multi cultural content to a variety of broadcast channels as CEO of FUBU TV.  What's on the schedule? Our first four chapters of Little Brother films! We're very excited to be a part of this launch. And we know we are in great company when the company's mission aligns with our own:

"FUBU Television is the provider of media and entertainment for multi cultural consumers globally. Our brands reflect a range of experiences and connect with fans of hip hop, gospel, jazz, comedy, drama, news, lifestyle, sports, with a pro-­‐social agenda. We stay connected to our diverse audience through our television networks, video on demand, mobile and home entertainment. FUBU TV reaches over 55 million homes, provides contemporary entertainment that speaks to the youth and adults from an authentic, unapologetic viewpoint. FUBU Television serves a broad and diverse audience with inspiring content that seek to make a difference in the communities."

Visit FUBU.com for access to FUBU TV and distributor Simply Me.
For educational distribution in schools, libraries, house of worship and community organizations, all Little Brother chapters are still available for purchase with our distributor Third World Newsreel. Now with FUBU TV, our young men's voices are capturing the hearts and minds of audiences everywhere.  Little Brother is "a conversation that will save a generation." Help us continue the "For Us By Us" spirit and share our good news!