An EPIPHANY Conversation (#ECONVO), is the in-person and interactive dialogue serving all communities inspired by the EPIPHANY Inc. mission:  Producing media that educates and entertains audiences weary of misinformation, with positive and truthful images of communities of color.

An EPIPHANY Conversation is fiscally sponsored by Fractured Atlas. Click here for details.


An EPIPHANY Conversation presents...


A Hackathon + six-month Hack4Hope Academy where St. Louis teens explore technology, learn business skills and build ideas into realities.

Hack4Hope is a joint project of ITEN and Education Exchange Corps

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an #EConvo In-person Interactive Dialogue is Tax-Deductible through Fractured Atlas.

Topics covered in person:

An Open Meeting with Award-Winning Filmmaker Nicole Franklin

#FilmAFeatureIn8Days Microbudgeting Workshop


Lessons from Little Brother

Meet BESS:  A Lecture with Class

When the Hustle Got Serious:  Filmmaker Nicole Franklin shares stories on success, losing her apartment and meeting Jamie Foxx.