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TITLE VII, Gershwin & Bess:  A Dialogue with Anne Brown, Little Brother: Things Fall Apart (Chapter 1 - Camden, NJ), Little Brother:  The Street (Chapter 2 - Chicago), Little Brother: A Do Right Man (Chapter 3 - St. Petersburg, FL), Little Brother:  The Fire Next Time (Chapter 4 - Muskogee, OK), Little Brother:  Manchild in the Promised Land (Chapter 5 - Tucson, AZ), Journeys in Black:  the Jamie Foxx Biography, The Double Dutch Divas!

DP Cybel Martin and her TITLE VII all female camera crew.

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TITLE VII, the feature film by Nicole Franklin, is produced by EPIPHANY Inc.  in collaboration with FDUFilm and Stuart Films. With a terrific cast, crew and screenplay co-written by Nicole Franklin and Craig T. Williams, TITLE VII is an adaptation of the novel on overcoming illicit behavior in corporate culture titled Within The Walls, by author Daisy M. Jenkins. Through this film we dive into the perils of workplace discrimination and lives it is sure to destroy. 


She’s powerful, Black and female. But at her firm, Blacks need not apply.


The CEO of Sanger International, an IT consulting firm, is powerful and successful Hillary Kelsey. Kelsey is a Black woman with no Black employees and no one can figure out why—until Darryl Montgomery, her 9:30am interview, enters the firm.  On this day filled with an unbelievably awful morning that reminds Hillary of her “place” in a racially charged society, a pending account that could make or break the future of a company and a mystery man determined to turn Hillary’s world upside down, the events of the film TITLE VII illustrate why same-race discrimination can not only ruin a company, but possibly destroy lives.

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