How do you take a Documentary from Idea to Award-winner?

Start Your Documentary Now!: An Open Meeting with Award-winning Filmmaker Nicole Franklin

Live or via Remote

Nicole Franklin on a remote appearance.

Nicole Franklin on a remote appearance.


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Start Your Documentary Now! is your chance to book an Open Meeting with Award-winning Documentarian Nicole Franklin and experience the following:

  • Frank and transparent discussion on the challenges, rare discoveries and pure luck experienced while documenting some of our most famous historical and controversial figures, subject matter and institutions
  • Identifying what makes a film concept worth pursuing 
  • Real Talk with an experienced filmmaker on how to plan a project from end to beginning (and not get burned in the budget)
  • Careful analysis of the pre-production process and how post-production tops the list
  • Audience participation in an "Open Meeting" discussing the next EPIPHANY Inc. project
  • Review, critique and support for Filmmakers
  • Defining the relationship between film budget, film length and maximum impact on audience
  • Resources generously shared for all stages of pre-production, production, post, exhibition and outreach/call-to-action
  • Attendance ensures discounts to select industry memberships and programming
  • One half-hour one-on-one follow-up consultation with Nicole Franklin
  • Affordable and Tax-deductible fee for booking this expert

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"Our students at Fairleigh Dickinson University - all of our students, not just Film majors - benefitted from and enjoyed Nicole Franklin’s appearance. Not only does Nicole have a fresh perspective to share in regards to her experiences as a producer and director, and she does so in a knowledgable way and with a manner and approach that makes hearing from her fun and participatory! I know that many of us (myself included) plan to stay in touch with Nicole, will make sure to watch more of her work, and wish her much continued success. -Howard Libov, Professor of Film.