Black Men Loving

At the beginning of the year I was reminded of the sentiments of one of my Board members, when reflecting on the impact of our work at EPIPHANY Inc., that "Black Men are In."  We knew that the state of Black men was destined to be a topic on our national agenda. We did not foresee the explosive reaction that so many would have--and so quickly--in response to our sometimes injustice system.  We demand a new narrative. The time is now. And in my work and fellow filmmakers work, I am happy to celebrate those who are steadfast in presenting all who walk this earth as equals. It was a pleasure getting to know and welcoming the latest filmmaker into the fold, Ella Cooper of Toronto. Thank you, Ella, for your beautiful new film on fatherhood titled Black Men Loving. I was inspired and thrilled to add it to the Black Dox selection of articles for Please click here for our interview and the trailer.