We have been in an exciting development and preproduction phase for the feature film TITLE VII and are now thrilled to share news on how our spotlight on justice through film continues.


We are entitled to a safe and just workplace for all. #ENTITLED2TheLaw

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act banned employment discrimination based on sex, race, color and national origin in 1964. Our feature film dives deep into same-race discrimination and with this storyline we are putting a rarely discussed aspect of racism on the screen, ending this silence. Also gaining traction in recent years is the fight victims of sexual harassment and abuse in the military have undergone. With jurisdiction through the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), TITLE X is the law that protects our service women and men against sexual violence. They too hope to end the silence and we are teaming up to see that violations under both laws are brought to light.

How did our activism partnership happen? A few months before writing the first draft of the TITLE VII screenplay, I was contacted by the Minority Women Veterans about directing a docu-series exploring rape in the military. We have heard about it but we are slow to see it come to an end.  I jumped at the chance to accept their offer and assist in seeing this series come together. You may learn more about the Minority Women Veterans Organization by clicking here.

We decided to bring on the public to help. By clicking here on Represent.com you will be getting the word out by purchasing a TITLE VII/TITLE X Tee. Available colors: Black, Blue, Army and Lieutenant in both short sleeve tees and tanks. Special shoutout to EPIPHANY Inc. Graphic Artist Carlos Dos Santos for the design. Shoutout to Ruth Sergel for her craft for messaging. Please support our cause today. Profits from the sales will be split between the funding of our two projects.  Wearing your tee, photographing yourself in it and uploading it with our hashtag #Entitled2TheLaw for our social media campaigns will put your activism on the frontlines and we thank you.

TITLE VII, TITLE X. It’s the law.