First Impressions

We have a gift for you! For our popular Little Brother film series, we now have available a 67-page curriculum guide to accompany screenings everywhere.  Now, ideas for discussions and activities for pre- or post-screening of these 15-minute documentaries may be done with ease. And the cost?  Pay-what-you-wish!  Our text, First Impressions and the African American Male:  a Guide to Experiencing the Truth about Little Brother is affordable for schools, community organizations, houses of worship or small groups.  You'll see in the opening acknowledgements that I personally took a lot of time writing this guide as it was my master's thesis.  I wanted to share why we as a film team felt the need to improve upon decades of media images when it comes to this specific population of African American males.  After many trips to the library, I am happy to say we are a becoming a part of the nation's library system as well. This is exciting for our mission in media literacy and responsibility as filmmakers.  Click here to purchase our (pay-what-you-wish) curriculum guide. And please purchase and encourage others to purchase our educational DVDs at Third World Newsreel. You may also watch our chapters on FUBU TV.  Thank you and happy reading!