Getting Involved - Training Up our Youth through Tech

We are a "go" for our Hack4Hope Hackathon and six-month Hack4Hope Academy, launching July 10th in St. Louis, MO. It's a FREE weekend event plus continuing education program and online networking group for the youth from my hometown. As you have probably been reading my former city and surrounding suburbs have been in the news a lot lately with very negative press. And as I have mentioned to many and before on this blog, our dirty little secret is out. But what is right in front of us is the talent and promising futures of our youth. Through incredible partners who said "yes" to our invitation to join us, Hack4Hope is now launched. We hope to register 50 students, grades 7 -12, to start their career path and enhance their STEAM education through technology. One of our partners places novice coders in paid apprenticeships at $50,000 base salary. This is it, Everyone. We can help students who have never been driven before, now thrive. Let's go! Not in St. Louis? Neither am I, but you can still very much get involved by clicking here. Sponsors are needed and we have many opportunities with great benefits ranging from $1,000 and above. Your tax-deductible donation may also be paid on a monthly basis.  For example, $1,000 = $83.34 per month, $5,000 = $416.67 per month, etc.  Please share our sponsor levels here. Our youth need us and we have a partner who plans to take our model nationwide. Please share our website and help us register our young people for summer fun and learning at And see you in St. Louis!

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