Join our Feature Film!

#MoneyShot Catering and Wardrobe needed! Please join our crew and hop into the film industry with a character drama that will have Everyone talking!

#TITLEVII is our #microbudget filming this summer with the assistance of Fairleigh Dickinson University (FDU) in Morristown, NJ.  This feature-length drama involves racial and sexual politics in the workplace and we look forward to bringing you a film that shows just how much things are not always what they seem. We're blogging about each step to keep our early fans in the loop. Want to join our crew? We're filming this July and are looking for fashion designers, restaurants and caterers who wish to sponsor our 15-day production schedule and receive an extraordinary amount of publicity in return. Since the story takes place in Corporate America, fashionable business attire is preferred. We accept all types of cuisine for the catering sponsorship.  If you are unable to assist in either of these departments, would you have suggestions for who may be interested? Are you an up and coming designer or restaurateur? Please contact me at with your interested. Excited to hear from you. And please share our news! Thanks!