Money Shot

As I shared with my Instagram friends, it's now time to identify the right strategy for raising individual contributions toward the $30,000 needed to finance my microbudget feature this summer. Thanks to the generous offer from Fairleigh Dickinson University to have our location shoot on their campus with their talented student crew, we're looking at a (fingers crossed) seamless 15-day shoot of a character drama that will have audiences talking.  The film, TITLE VII, is my screenplay adaptation of the debut novel from author Daisy M. Jenkins. It explores racial and sexual politics in the workplace. This project has been a teaching tool for me and the production is intended to leave a good impression on the students as well. I have been writing about my journey with the screenplay on Medium @Nicoleedits. Location photos and updates will be on Pinterest and please continue to check in here for moral support! First comes raising the funds to feed my student crew who are faithfully staying on campus this summer for us for a career-boosting experience and take care of the professional actors and key crew who we are sure will impress us all. Yes, we are budgeting $30,000 to keep things lean and affordable. So we look to you, our friend, fam and fans for assistance.  How about this?  If for a tax-deductible $15 I offer unlimited streaming, a credit in the film and a social media shoutout, would you find that amount reasonable to join our journey? Let's give it a money shot and please click this link!