More on our Anonymous Dialogue on Black Men

We have an Anonymous link for a Little Brother Film discussion on "What do you Fear about Black Men." Answers have ranged from "That young Black men will continue to perpetuate the stereotype" to "I'm afraid that I'll get shot." Here is part of one woman's response as she recalled being "hit on left and right" while in her 20's:  
"The only attempts at sexual attack made on me (2x as child) were by white men I might add. But this experience with black men was so yucky, so blatantly overthetop disgusting, that it downgraded my view of black men and put in my mind that they may/probably never view me as an individual, just a white woman to conquer and claim to show off how virile or whateverthef---- it was they try to prove by 'having' one of us .... Wow, haven't thought about that for like 30 years but it's still there. Goes to show."  

We thank her for her honesty. Do you want to join her? Please click here