Nicole's Diary - Page 16

Laughter then pain. That was my past 24 hours. Laughs when we had our wonderful #EConvo Phone -In & Tweet with friend and comedic talent Hollie Harper (and such wonderful laughs from audience member Kyle Green).  Hollie gave insight to her brand of humor that turns a long-standing history of racial strife on its head with stinging satire. Then just two hours after our event, news surfaced that nine Churchgoers from the historic Emanual AME in Charleston, SC lost their lives to a deranged young gunman. This heinous act was quickly deemed a hate crime. Damn.  Both discussions have race at their central core. I know that for even one day in our lives--and in my lifetime--we will never escape the extreme feelings and actions the topic of race inevitably conjures up. This is an every day reality and an every day threat to everyone's freedom, not just people of color.  But oh, does this hurt and humor is only one coping mechanism. Too many other hours are spent grieving.  Why is this so?  As I mentioned at the end to wrap up last night's #EConvo chat, Hollie's creative projects--especially as seen in her sketch comedy show American Candy--bring so many so much joy because the majority of Hollywood material we are accustomed to (and unfortunately so too goes the creations of many budding screenwriters who desire a Hollywood career) begins with one premise:  Happiness is not our birthright.  People of color are destined to be the symbol of distress.  I would like to one day not have to live that in real life nor in the movies.