The Black Dox Debut!

Published today is the inaugural article of "Black Dox with Nicole Franklin" where I am able to sing the praises of my fellow documentarians.  Putting in print the nonfiction stories of the African Diaspora has been a long-awaited dream of mine. And now I hope everyone joins me in learning about these filmmaking champions of such important history.  This debut comes with a fun twist! The online publication,, solely covers African Canadian events, personalities and news.  I was thrilled to introduce audiences to the work of Nova Scotia-born filmmaker Sylvia D. Hamilton who is a good friend.    And I am looking forward to expanding my circle beyond the East Coast and meeting more of my talented neighbors to the North.  Filmmakers with strong Canadian production and distribution involvement will be covered as well.  Thank you, Canada, and a special thank you to for accepting this semi-Southern girl into your fold.  Let's spread the good news:  Our history, our stories.