The PINK Media Club starts off with Flying Colors

The Pink Media Club launched Thursday, August 7, 2014 in Bergen County, NJ. The goal for the club:  a community of beauty entrepreneurs who support other visionaries in the arts and media landscape nationwide. The PINK Media Club celebrates creativity, community and, above all else, the beauty within. With "A Film Short & A Facial" theme to launch the Club in Hackensack, New Jersey I introduced the idea of having artists nationwide bring a short presentation to the beginning of Mary Kay beauty meetings. I was also so humbled to be honored that night as an "Everyday Hero." Thanks, Ladies! And thanks for joining The PINK Media Club. For a network of three million beauty consultants, this art + commerce + beauty is a perfect match for the independent scene all around. We're a movement.  To set up a PINK Media Club evening in your area to boost your independent beauty business (and if you're an artist, info on presenting in front of such a committed group of entrepreneurs), stay tuned. We are developing a handbook, referral guide and calendar of events.  This is an exciting time. It's all about building a supportive family around the modern literature in films, books, visual and audio media that we are all compelled to create. Join the PINK Media Club here.  Let's do this!