We Are Still Mad

Just hosted an incredibly informative #EConvo on the supposed return of the Chibok schoolgirls that was supposed to take place this week.  None of our panelists were convinced it actually would happen. There are too many failures in the surrounding environment to ever see the girls--or any children of the region--safe, educated and thriving.  We learned that 80% of the educated youth do not have jobs available to them.  Abortion in the state of Nigeria is illegal.  Any money that Nigeria claims to be swimming is not accounted for. A $20 million safe schools initiative from the UK? Where is it and which schools are secure?  Boko Haram does not want to see girls educated. Well, we need to be educated even more. Please click here for our webcast. Please share it with your communities. We met the press secretary for Representative Frederica Wilson from Florida, a lawmaker who keeps the pressure on our government to keep the pressure on the Nigerian government and the abductors on a daily basis (#JoinRepWilson + #BringBackOurGirls on Twitter). We need to keep up the protests and activism and not succumb to activists fatigue. We are still mad! And we want innocence back. We want human trafficking to come to an end. And we want a solid education and a promise of a future available to children everywhere!