A CyberParty with a Purpose

It's mid-August, the weather in the NorthEast is gorgeous and I've decided to host my first CyberParty!  Why would I even entertain a party atmosphere when the world is exploding in my hometown of St. Louis?  Well, I'm the kind of #STLWoman that likes to party with a purpose.  For four years now I and producer J. Tiggett along with film consultant Dr. Raymond Winbush and a team of soldiers have dedicated our skills and resources to the film series I executive produce titled Little BrotherLittle Brother is a 10-chapter anthology featuring young Black men on camera expressing their thoughts on love. We hear about relationships, family, hopes and dreams.  We designed this series as 10 chapters so that we would saturate the market with positive media images of young Black men.  Maybe if there are more options of how Black boys are portrayed on screen, they would not get shot.  

Here we are again. This time in Ferguson, MO. 

We may not know all of the details of the officer-involved shooting, but having anyone's child laying on the street for four hours is a situation not even suitable for a dead dog.  Period.

So, we have a CyberParty coming up with a $2500 sales goal for customers. Details may be found here and by clicking on the flier below.  If we raise our goal, then our Little Brother team goes into two schools or community organizations--for free--to donate a chapter of the film series and host an interactive presentation for students and the educators who work with them. As many times as we can present positive images of young Black males--and their testimonies on camera which also come with their fears--we believe this will help change the landscape of how they are perceived, treated, respected in the United States where we clearly seem to have a problem.  

Help us meet our sales goal. Shop and share our news! Meet us in the field and suggest our next venue for our assemblies.  We're calling them "Little Brother has Class." We have the voices of young Black men that apply to all races and that, my friends, is something to celebrate.