A Graduation Gift for our Little Brothers--for $2 per month!

Thank you, Everyone, who has followed our journey as five years ago, producer J. Tiggett and I began a film project like no other:  10 short documentaries, 10 cities across the U.S. filming young Black men (nine to 13 years of age) and their thoughts on Love. As you will see at LittleBrotherFilm.com it has been quite an adventure and this year's production of Chapter 5 leaves us more inspired.

While keeping this annual filming schedule, we have met many beautiful families in the following cities:

Camden, NJ

Chicago, IL

St. Petersburg, Fl

Muskogee, OK

Tucson, AZ

Guess what. Our Little Brothers from Chapter 1, Little Brother:  Things Fall Apart, are not so little any more.  And we would like to send them into adulthood with a proper graduation gift directly from the fans.

So many of you have helped us with many resources needed to continue as an independent production that has aided in the shift of perception of young Black men through our national media lens. We still have a long way to go, but we are pleased that Little Brother is responsible for bringing positive images of Black boys to the screen.  We are happy to say that audiences are supporting the educational distribution of our films through Third World Newsreel. And they are ready for more.

So why I am requesting $2/month of you today? 

As an executive producer of content I've joined this wonderful new platform called PATREON. My production company EPIPHANY Inc. has been producing films for 15 years and we are pretty sure we will continue to work outside the system to bring films to the world that matter.

On average each Little Brother chapter features six to seven young men. They have a lot of fans in our EPIPHANY Inc. network.  We are at the halfway mark with our 10-chapter filming goal and in reviewing the numbers I have exciting news. We have enough fans now to begin distributing a $1,000 stipend to each young man as he enters into adulthood.

Will you help us?

By visiting www.Patreon.com/NicoleFranklin you will see how easy it is. There are a number of levels to contribute to keep the films of EPIPHANY Inc. going.  But I've started a $2 per month level to be able to turn a large portion of that amount into a significant gift directly to our young men from you, our audience. There's strength in numbers. And by design this donation amount of $2 monthly/$24 annually will hopefully not be too much of a burden.

If you feel it is, there are other ways to assist! 

Would you please consider one or all of these options today?

1)   Visit www.Patreon.com/NicoleFranklin by January 31, 2015 (extended deadline) and pledge $2 per month. A large portion of Pledges at this level go directly to each Little Brother of the early chapters in time for a $1,000 gift toward their college or professional future in May 2015. 

2)    Please consider sharing this post with three friends. If I have at least half of my social media followers on board for $2 per month, we would have successfully covered a one-time gift for Little Brothers in all of the chapters already filmed and those to come by graduation day 2016!

3)    Please share this post with your social media network. Here is the Bitly link: http://bit.ly/1uaimxK.

4)    Volunteer with EPIPHANY Inc.  We have plenty of opportunities for you to volunteer with us to continue the Little Brother films and more. Please e-mail me at Nicoleedits@gmail.com with inquiries!

5)    Please share this post with businesses or entrepreneurs who would like to sponsor EPIPHANY Inc. productions at $15 per month! As of September 2014 we have 500 views per month on our AnEPIPHANYConversation.com website and 10,000 views per week on Google+. We will get you maximum exposure to customers for bargain prices.  See our sponsor page here:  NicoleFranklin.com.

6)    Not a fan of subscription-based giving?  Not a problem. One year of contributions at $24 or a two-year contribution of $48 can be contributed as a tax-deduction through Fractured Atlas, the fiscal sponsor of An EPIPHANY Conversation. You may easily contribute a $24 or $48 lump sum--again as a tax benefit to you--through Fractured Atlas by clicking here

7) Enjoy the $2 per month but do not wish for it to be an unlimited deduction from your account? No problem! When you subscribe as a $2 (or any other level) per month Patron, just let me know that you only want to do so for whatever length of time you choose. Twelve months, 15 months, or 36 months? That's fine. We'll mark our calendars to remind us to remind you to cancel at Patreon.com/NicoleFranklin. You may also cancel at any time. Thank you!

8) Is PayPal your preferred method of giving? We accept that too! By donating $24 or $48 to the PayPal account at Nicoleedits@gmail.com, you will be making an enormous contribution to our Little Brother Graduation Gift in a way that is more convenient for you. Thank you!

9) Do you want to cover one or more of gifts to the Little Brothers for $1,000 per student on your own without waiting for the $2 community ask to reach its goal? We would be delighted! Please contact me at Nicoleedits@gmail.com for this tax-deductible option! 

10) Keep the faith and send our Little Brothers encouraging notes and messages. Either through our Little Brother FB Fan page or at LittleBrotherFilm.com, a kind note from you goes a long way! Thank you!

Thank you for considering the $2/month pledge toward a Little Brother Graduation Gift. You may increase or cancel your payments with Patreon at any time.

EPIPHANY Inc. productions are top quality community films and digital media. This is a global community. Please consider becoming a Patron with us. These are your films.

Thank you!