A Referral, a Sponsor and a PayDay--All are welcome!

We have An EPIPHANY Village on our website (click here) and it takes a village to build it! Are you enjoying our posts and our media? Do you find yourself bringing our filmed subjects up in conversation? Would you like to get paid for talking us up so much that a business or angel becomes a tax-deductible donor? Refer us and reap the rewards. Here's how:

*Refer a business or individual to our website and when they become donors you receive a commission

*We have all of the information you need to lock in that sponsor by sending them to the link provided here

*Donors must secure payment and supply your full name and email address for you to receive commission (the name and email of the reference must not be the proprietor nor the individual donor--no double dipping please)

*Donors may hail from any and all industries (with discretion when it comes to those who engage in questionable activities, of course). Let's keep it clean. :) 

*Commission is based on the payment schedule of the donor (monthly vs. annual). Commission payouts will occur by the 15th of the month following the donation.

*We have the utmost gratitude for our references. Stay tuned for special incentives for those who refer 10 or more!

Thank you for helping us grow and bringing our films and digital media to communities everywhere!