Populating the EPIPHANY Village

I'm thrilled to announce our new page on this site, An EPIPHANY Village. By clicking on the enticing "For You" title on our menu, you will find a growing business community for networking, support and wide exposure.  These are our sponsors, and they're wonderful.  We have clothing and lifestyle resources for infants and youth, broadcasters, podcasters, media consultants, alternative health suppliers, business and acting coaches, choreographers, photographers, culture curators, a brewing company and more! We would love to include the local dry cleaner and car dealer once in awhile too!  All are in support of the media products and web programming we produce. Sponsorships are possible through an affordable tax-deductible donation.  More information may be found by clicking here.  The demographics and number of visitors who visit our site and associated web profiles are documented and made public.  You may see these at any time by by clicking here.  Welcome to our Village. Please join us as we look forward to meeting new neighbors and publicizing your ventures! 

Photography by Peter Z Jones,  www.PeterZJones.com .

Photography by Peter Z Jones, www.PeterZJones.com.