Father's Day Part 1

A special Father’s Day shoutout to Remicko George, a young, dedicated father who was introduced to us by the staunch and civilly engaged Dovetail Project.  The organization was founded by the incredibly dedicated Sheldon Smith whose team scours the sidewalks and El trains of Chicago, IL for young men who may identify as fathers who need support and structure while handling their most precious responsibility.  This past April 28, 2014, we were honored to feature these two men as part of an all-star panel on An EPIPHANY Conversation (#EConvo):  Fathers Speak Out on My Brother’s Keeper (Part 1) . Mr. George’s story brought this host and some stellar panelists including Kenneth Braswell of Fathers Incorporated, Dr. Raymond Winbush, filmmaker Mya B., Toronto podcaster Dr. Vibe and Friends of the Children of New York’s program director Kareem Wright to a moment where we had to pause and acknowledge respect to one of many men whom statistics keep in the dark. Click here for a Replay: