Hashing It Out

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It has been an exciting past few days with having my latest article, “Why Lynching Still Resonates When Black Men Keep Certain Company,” published by The Good Men Project and a very informative and lively web event, “An EPIPHANY Conversation:  How Blacks in Tech are key to sustaining the My Brother’s Keeper Movement,” stream as part of our Monday night #EConvo series on Google Hangout. Hashtags, Tagging Photos and Monitoring what’s Trending are now my favorite impulses.  #ThrilledToBeWriting #InspiredByInterviewing.  The lynching piece is the second of three planned articles on forgiveness and race.  These are tough to write as I personally grapple with how the history of U.S. race relations still affects my generation’s civil liberties—for all ethnicities. There was much shame and secrecy years ago that kept many populations uneducated when it came to progress and survival. A code of silence that empowered the oppressive few. I still witness people of color falling into a submissive responsiveness vs. aggressive pursuit of their dreams. And if even a small percentage of talented individuals occupy this space, it disturbs me. 

There is still much work to do as we usher in future generations to an existence that is fair for all.  For me, jumping in with both feet into technology is going to level the playing field for many. As the co-founder of the web channel Midnight Media Capture and moderating the #EConvo Google+ Community Page and Hangouts, I take my role in opening the tech space to others very seriously.  Our panelists in this recent webcast on Blacks in Technology all noted how we have to prepare our young people for an industry that will quickly leave them behind, especially in the economic sense.  One of the ways we can ensure their inclusion is to place ourselves as tech professionals in front of them as mentors and provide them with a clear path to the resources available for success.

To all reading this post, please help us spread the word. Share our good news.  Upload information and include the hashtag #ThisWay2Tech in your posts.  The commitment from me and my team is here and it is now.  Let’ move forward, and embrace a new code of communication and succeed.  

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