Hack4Hope: There is Hope

One week left until the launch of Hack4Hope in my hometown of St. Louis. My team and I are very excited and I hope you share our news with friends.  Visit us at www.Hack4Hope.org.

We've been meeting wonderful student applicants through our application process:  An essay on "Life in St. Louis and what you would change." Here's another special entry.

"The one thing or things I would change in Saint Louis is the amount of young black men that are on the streets sagging their pants, smoking drugs, and most important is stop killing each other. These men are protesting over police brutality, but what is the point if you’re going to kill your black brother by God....If this was changed it could help the unemployment rate go down. Once this has changed our protest (peaceful) will finally sink into the prosecutors and justice would be heard. This will be in the history books. It will be read as the civil rights act over after a 200 year movement we have really overcome. Kids my age typically participate in video games, and sports teams. I know my generation has also done bad things such as smoking and fighting. You only get one shot this is my one shot. I will be very gracious if you accept me. Thank you."