Hold on! It's the end of the year!

It's the end of the year and I've been honored to be so busy getting everything off my plate.  My plate is still full and I have everyone of you to thank for it.  First I wrapped up our #EConvo series with a 10-minute sponsored segment with my friend Mali DeSantis who does incredible work with children with autism. We featured her holiday gift guide for these special children with special needs. Watch our web conversation here. So proud of her and honored to have her sponsorship.  Also thrilled to be sharing our Little Brother:  Chapter 5 (Tucson, AZ) editing room links with all of you.  I'm always honored to bring the voices of our young men to the screen. Check out our clips on my Patreon channel and please let me know what you think? What do you want to see more of? Or less? We love hearing from you--especially before final cut! I have also been quite moved, as you probably have, by all of the protestors staying on message with #BlackLivesMatter during the aftermath of a rapid-fire series of high profile Black male killings.  A couple of tours around Twitter will show you that #PoliceLivesMatter is also a response. Are there two sides to this story? There usually are. So I'm hosting my first Twitter Chat with my colleagues at the Good Men Project this Wednesday at 9pmEST. We're talking good policing. Let's see where it leads--hopefully to a productive, healthy and prosperous 2015.