The List

Here it is:  The ultimate production resource, "Nicole's Curated Crew List." I have wanted to do this for years! And now with we have the perfect platform.

No more private messages of "Nicole, who would you recommend for…." Let's search this list, share throughout the industry and get to work! Check out the list by clicking here and crew up! Not sure how to join? Click here for clear instructions on how to add your entry.

And if you have not been contacted by me and wish to be on the list, it's quite easy: Please contact me directly with two professional recommendations. That's it! Also, please be upfront about if you're just entering the business as an intern or an assistant. We'll take care of you.

Joining our list is quite seamless. We're listing crew from Line Producers, to AD's to Wardrobe Dept, to Dramaturgs, to Caterers, to Boom Operators, to Visual EFX Artists, to Publicists, to Payroll, to Web Design, to Distribution. All positions and departments are a must.  Let's promote the talented crew behind Film, TV, Theatre and Digital. Check us out here and please share!