Third Draft Complete!

#MoneyShot I'm feeling really good about the latest draft of my screenplay, TITLE VII, that's filming this summer. The characters have come to life--off the page and into my life.  I'm now thinking about them all the time. I think about how they were introduced to the audience by way of how they were introduced to each other. I think about what obstacles were put in front of them by their circumstance or deliberately and I play over and over again in my head, " did the right thing here. Are you o.k. with it? You've earned this!" Now that hours at my desk will be turned from writing to organizing the troops (my trusty cast and crew) I can be social again! That's the life of a writer/director. They are two disciplines separated at birth. I enjoy the solitude and camaraderie that both offer.  And the best: My actors and crew will bring these characters into the real world. From the first time I "met" them in author Daisy M. Jenkins' book, Within The Walls from which I adapted the screenplay, until now, they were just in my head. I'm excited to touch and experience their brilliance.  Follow our journey here and on Medium @Nicoleedits.  And if you pre-pay for tickets with a tax-deducible $15 contribution at this link, you will receive unlimited streaming of the film, a credit in the film (if your name is submitted by our post deadline) and a social media shoutout! Thrilled to have you along for the ride!