It Takes A Village to Move Mountains

An EPIPHANY Village! We have new project filming this summer. It's called Title VII and it's a #microbudget feature film to be produced in cooperation with FDUFilm in New Jersey.  The screenplay is based on an adaptation of the novel Within The Walls by first-time author Daisy M. Jenkins. Not only is this my first narrative feature (so far my documentaries have ranged from feature-length to a multitude of shorts), but TITLE VII will also be a learning laboratory for students at New Jersey’s Farleigh Dickinson University where I am fortunate enough to be their filmmaker-in-residence. Students will be working as crew members alongside key film professionals including SAG actors. This is turning into a terrific team!

What is the film about? As you may know, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act banned employment discrimination in 1964. But still today harassment of a racial or sexual nature may be found lurking in corporate America's halls. Our film is set in a top technology firm headed by a Black male CEO. Turns out being a Black male is something he's spent a lifetime trying to avoid until the presence of the new woman hired forces him to accept his past.  We're excited to bring you a scenario that will have people talking.

At the end of April we will launch a crowdfunding campaign to raise the necessary $30,000 to feed the crew, cover transportation, provide insurance, pay SAG actor fees and fund all of the incidentals that come with a safe and successful production. This is where you may join us. Crowdfunding campaigns have exponential reach across social media platforms. We'd like to promote you as you share our fundraiser with your networks!

Please join our EPIPHANY Village and agree to the following:

1) Post YOUR COMPANY as a team member on our TITLE VII campaign

2) Contact your mailing list THREE times:  a) With our campaign announcement, and b) with Two Updates of your choosing from our campaign

3) Allow us to include news about YOUR COMPANY in THREE of our updates--let us know what you're promoting--it could be fundraising as well!

4) Have a T-shirt or a giveaway? Offer one of those swag items to donors who give at a certain level

5) Receive a credit on our film and be included in our publicity material.

Please email me here if you wish to join our EPIPHANY Village and enjoy the publicity!

And, please share this post! Any and everyone can follow our production here and on Medium @Nicoleedits.

We've also jumpstarted the fundraising process with a pre-fundraiser at Fractured Atlas.  If you pre-pay for tickets with a tax-deductible $15 contribution at this link at An EPIPHANY Conversation, you will receive unlimited streaming of the film, a credit in the film (if your name is submitted by our post deadline of July 30, 2016), and a social media shoutout! 

We're thrilled to have you come on board our TITLE VII production. We look forward to hearing from you. Let's go!

He Opposed Her Hire. She Saved His Soul.