The Figurines are Out!

The figurines are out. And I bought a new box of them from Toys R Us yesterday. There's only one reason they make an appearance--and that's for notes on a shot list.  Filming our microbudget film, TITLE VII, this summer will be a blast once I clearly communicate with my DP and crew what type of shots we'll have to tell our story.  Sure I have an idea in my head, but it becomes more clear and more layered when I do something as simple as moving figurines around on a table mapped with a blueprint of the set. I can't wait to get started.  My DP will have a ton of ideas, I'm sure, but I have to lay the foundation. We're planning a very involved location scout this week as well.  All with notes in hand. Thank you "little people" as my sister would refer to the toys that kept her occupied for hours with the made-up stories of a three year-old.  It feels good being forever young. That just comes with diving into a movie. 

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