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Success coach and prominent

New Jersey Executive Sales Director Juanita Gaddy  

teams up with An EPIPHANY Conversation

for a series of free classes

designed to liberate women financially

Nicole Franklin’s online educational dialogue An EPIPHANY Conversation (#EConvo) offers simple solutions toward financial independence with the author of “Under-earning is a Curse. Let’s Break It.”

Teaneck, NJ, August 4, 2014 - Women everywhere may now join those who have adopted the key principles “God first, family second and career third” of a growing beauty company with success stories across the globe.  One of the company’s top tier directors Juanita Gaddy has parlayed her individual success story into inspirational lectures geared toward liberating women financially and ultimately uniting communities in peace. Now, film and digital media company EPIPHANY Inc. invites Gaddy to share her message through an accessible online training program.  “An EPIPHANY Conversation: Women’s Financial Liberation” launches bi-monthly online sessions to empower women and men through 10-minute web interviews.  Click here for a preview episode.

Gaddy’s story begins with her leaving a secure corporate job in order to make money independently.  She has been so successful she authored and volunteers her “Under-earning is a Curse. Let’s Break It” seminars to communities in need. And she constantly receives invitations to return—for pay.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2012, the family poverty rate and the number of families in poverty were 11.8 percent or 9.5 million.  Almost 31 percent of families with a female householder lived in poverty.  Poverty represents an annual income of $23,492 in 2012 and it was noted that 16.3 percent of females lived at this income level. The Bureau notes that significant changes are not apparent between 2012 and the numbers from the previous year.

With Gaddy, An EPIPHANY Conversation plans to reach hundreds of women monthly who are ready to dramatically improve their livelihood.  Outreach at no cost to attendees includes both web and in-person sessions. 

An encounter with Gaddy’s engaging style and positive message of building wealth for women through “Under-earning is a Curse. Let’s Break It” prompted Franklin to suggest the launch of free online web sessions for a global reach.  Nicole Franklin is the president and senior producer of EPIPHANY Inc. and the fiscally sponsored An EPIPHANY Conversation, the in-person and interactive dialogues with accompanying media balancing the equation for marginalized communities. “I approached Juanita Gaddy when I overheard—possibly eavesdropped, if I must admit—her conducting her sales business on a phone call. I have always been impressed how women in her position were successful and happy.  A quick conversation informed me of her willingness to not just sell a quality product and business opportunity but change women’s lives on a grand scale.  Gaddy has designed a success plan to adopt for any entrepreneurial effort of which women could relate. I knew her enthusiasm would be appropriate to change women’s lives via the web. It fit perfectly with our #EConvo series of inspirational stories.”

In addition to the online sessions, An EPIPHANY Conversation, will team up with women’s support organizations to reach out to their population with in-person training sessions and small group counseling featuring Gaddy and her inspirational life plan, applicable to any industry.

Gaddy, occasionally seen bouncing from event to meeting to party to prayer service, is eager to enter into the web space:  “You would be surprised how many women are being mistreated, or mistreating themselves, and don’t know it.  Always the question should be who are you at your best? And I love helping women who are stuck. They make great leaders. There are steps to success.” 

Online web sessions may be viewed live on YouTube and begin Tuesday, August 5, 2014 at 8:30pmEST.  For more information about free online sessions or in-person seminars, subscribe to and e-mail


About Juanita Gaddy

Juanita Gaddy started her direct sales career on August 27, 1992 and has earned the use of 10 free cars.  She currently has four first-line directors and four second-line directors which earn her the title Future Executive Senior Sales Director. She has won various awards such a queen court of recruiting where she recruited eight women in one day.  She works part-time as a life coach at a high school encouraging young adults on how to excel in life.  She is happily married with two adult children and five grands.  Her belief is that if you do the possible God will do the impossible.

About An EPIPHANY Conversation 

An EPIPHANY Conversation (#EConvo) is the community dialogue that follows the media presentations of EPIPHANY Inc. The forum invites a global discussion among the inspiring people behind incredible stories. Fiscally sponsored by Fractured Atlas, An EPIPHANY Conversation is the natural educational extension of films and digital media produced by EPIPHANY Inc., founded by Nicole Franklin, an award-winning filmmaker, television director, stage manager, editor, educator, public speaker, web event host and contributing writer to The Good Men Project and Toronto-based publication EPIPHANY Inc. independent films have been distributed on numerous cable networks including Showtime, BET, IFC, Nickelodeon, Sundance Channel and The Documentary Channel.  Credits include The Double Dutch Divas!, Journeys In Black:  the Jamie Foxx Biography, Kids Around the World, Gershwin & Bess: A Dialogue with Anne Brown and the 10-chapter series Little Brother, the latter two titles distributed by Third World Newsreel. Little Brother is a recipient of the Foundation to Promote Open Society/Campaign for Black Male Achievement Award, fiscally sponsored by Fractured Atlas. More information may be found at

Executive Sales Director and Success Leader and Motivator Juanita Gaddy joins #EConvo this August 5, 2014.

Executive Sales Director and Success Leader and Motivator Juanita Gaddy joins #EConvo this August 5, 2014.