#Sisters4TITLEVIIFilm is an awareness campaign behind the narrative feature, TITLE VII, on the topic of same-race discrimination from writer/director Nicole Franklin. Behind-the-scenes stories and developments may be found here. As female film directors we're Sisters in the struggle no more. We are dominating. The call for more women behind the camera is being answered. Sure, it's documented that in 2015 women made up 9% of all directors hired in the studio system, but what about the independent films that are experiencing a groundswell of support from audiences hungry for good storytelling? Countless numbers of directors like me are standing on the shoulders of Julie Dash, Barbara Kopple, Neema Barnette, Nora Ephron, Jane Campion, Kathe Sandler, Mira Nair, Debbie Allen, Ava DuVernay, Kathleen Collins, Euzhan Palzy, Kim Longinotto, Amma Asante, Jodie Foster, Stacey Muhammad, Kathryn Bigelow, Dee Rees and so many, many more. So in sisterly fashion let's start a movement. #Sisters4___(fill in the blank)___ will be our endorsement for female-helmed narrative features, shorts, docs, TV episodes, web content and who knows what we'll create next. I'm a career documentarian embarking on my first narrative feature, TITLE VII.  So let's start here:  #Sisters4TITLEVIIFilm. We'll take this viral and do so for the next project from the next sister as well. And so on...and so on..... Women are here to change the world. I believe that. And I'm prepared to film it as well.