Sometimes Thankless Encounters Bring Home the Thankful

It's been quite a year personally and professionally for me and my work with EPIPHANY Inc. We filmed a feature (in 8 days, in case you haven't heard...yes!) and we are currently in wait-and-see mode for festival acceptances/rejections while our post production team is working in a realm nothing short of magical. I am blessed to have an incredible crew that said, "Let's do this!" and made something beyond my wildest dreams happen. I am truly grateful. I also experienced a bout of racism in the process of making a dream happen this year and other than the emotional toll that takes on one's soul, I'm learning from the vitriol many of us have experienced publicly due to one of the wildest U.S. election cycles ever, we WILL move forward and thrive in spite of people trying to pit all of the beautiful communities that make up the U.S. and our incoming residents against each other. I've been personally moved by individuals who have reached out to me to acknowledge the decades of work I've been so focused on producing for audiences and I've been a bit kicked in the stomach by some who build you up with false promises then expect you to just roll with it because it makes them feel better. There's been love, there's been loss. It's a life lived and sometimes it can be challenging. But as President Obama says, "The sun will rise in the morning." I realize that having good days and bad days are why God provided the strongest healing ever: A passion for the arts. Music and storytelling always saves. It's been there for the solitary bouts of depression and underscored the most joyous of occasions. My work as a filmmaker, writer and television director have been my favorite full-time side gig for 17 years. I'm excited to say 2017 will see the full-time hours now in EPIPHANY Inc.'s hands and it will be my pleasure to churn out a slate of projects for you--a very patient, receptive and supportive audience. We even are collaborating on a new show premiering the first week of January that will hopefully be the comic relief for any tough days ahead. More details to come.... In the meantime, Happy Thanksgiving! Let's celebrate our love and support for one another this holiday season and forever ever after.