My birthday month is around the corner and I'd like to talk to all the young women out there who feel birthdays suck because you may not be where you dreamed of by the calendar date you set. Trust me, when you hear things happen when they are supposed to they do. Were your dreams too big? Nah. We're supposed to dream big. Dreams are our key to surviving any man-made situation meant to destroy our spirits. There's a morality game we are put on this Earth to play--win or lose. Others are in the same position and the good and bad choices need a partner in crime.  Stay focused on the prize. Do daily maintenance on the strategy that gets you to your goal. Welcome the team members who join you. Recruit others who share your dream and nurture theirs too, which also serves as a quick background check to including them in your circle. You need a circle of friends. You do not need agendas that are meant to harm, not heal.  What does all of this mean in plain English? Success is what you make of it, young women. There are risks, traditional patriarchal obstacles and setbacks based on your relationship with your self-esteem. Dream big and go hard. Enjoy the ride, though. The road behind you should be littered with small victories of both you and your running buddies lighting up the way for who will follow. 

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